Anthony Hall
Co-Founder/Owner of VGN Bae

Anthony’s background in music and media spans approximately 20yrs. He has worked with clients in various fields and industries, both in the public and private sectors, affording him a very well-rounded perspective. Anthony's passion for elevating brands by showcasing people and/or their products and services in unique ways to optimize their best features, established his reputation as a well respected and sought-after creative force. While he is new to the vegan scene and exploring a plant-based diet, he is committed to the journey.  Developing the VGN Bae brands has given him an opportunity to marry all of his talents and interests under one umbrella as he discovers all things vegan.



Dominique Side
Co-Founder/Owner of VGN Bae

Dominique has 10+yrs experience as an entrepreneur, focusing her efforts primarily on needs related to her passions. Since becoming vegan in 2017, she has noticed many gaps in the marketplace. Her commitment to this lifestyle and being an example to others is what led her toward developing the VGN Bae brand. Dominique's love of educating people inspired her to share her journey and knowledge with others so that they may also find purpose and meaning in this lifestyle. Creating an avenue to share that information via blogging and  a podcast, as well as the desire to return to the music industry, helped persuade Dominique to open VGN Bae Studios. While her affinity for luxury and fashion inspired VGN Bae Apparel, a way for people to spread a message and express themselves through clothing and accessories.

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